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Tammy Jo is a self taught designer from State College PA , born to a seamstress mother and a military father.  She went to college at Penn State University and then finished her studies at the American Music & Dramatic Academy in NYC.  Tammy Jo married her prince in 2003 and lives in a fantasy land all her own. She believes in romance with a touch of magic as sometimes is expressed in her etherial playful dresses. Tammy Jo and Oscar started working together on “living the dream”  in 2009, when they created the Tammy Jo Fashion Label.  Her collections are inspired by sustainable living and the passion to contribute to our planets future by reducing our waist and reusing the quality materials we have at our disposal.  She uses quality vintage and sustainable materials in all her designs.

For more information regarding Tammy Jo or Tammy Jo Fashion, visit: www.tammyjofashion.com

Feb 3, 2016